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As an international developer, manufacturer and distributor we utilize a holistic approach. Our methodology takes an idea through the elements of product development, design, packaging, supply chain and finance to deliver a successful commercial application of the beginning idea.

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Independent Brands

Independent Brands

Numerous operators or retailers - offline and online - trust our independent brands. Our brands are available nationwide via our distribution partner DOT Foods. Our claim: Sustainable management in the entire value chain! Convince yourself of the quality and philosophy of our brands and supply your partners and customers with our extraordinary products.

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Customer Brands

Independent Brands

Over 140 years of experience in coffee, tea, cocoa in the field of customer brand development offers you a tremendous base of know how. We represent many origins in Asia, Europe and Central America that enable us to offer commercial advantages with our core categories for cold and hot dispensed beverages and ready-to-drink or concentrated forms, in addition to innovative formulation solutions and technologies.
Our production facilities offer the highest quality assurance standards, as evidenced by annually updated certificates. Our commitment to sustainable supply chain management also impacts our carbon footprint management and effective transportation / production of your products.
Our flexibility in production runs provides you with competitive production runs for trendy items as opposed to mass-produced items. Our services include brand design development, package printing management, warehousing, and financing of your product.

We work for brands suchs as Metro private label, Heineken private label, Albert Heijn and Coop private label
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